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At David Expeditions Peru we are committed to 100% supporting the ESNNA Regulations.

The Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents is a problem that seriously affects the fundamental rights of children and adolescents. It consists of the use of minors in acts or representations of a sexual or erotic nature, to satisfy the interests or desires of other people in exchange for an economic benefit or payment of another nature. It implies recognizing abusive behavior against children and adolescents, in which they are stripped of their most basic rights.

SEC responds to multiple factors that transcend any particular environment or situation, violating the rights of people from any sector. Although it is true that millions of boys and girls are estimated to be sexually exploited, its main characteristics are secrecy and social tolerance, so obtaining a specific number becomes complicated.

It is the sexual exploitation of children or adolescents by a person or several persons, who move from their place of origin or native country, with the aim of engaging in sexual contact with children and adolescents, occasionally or preferably.

The sex tourist frequently resorts to the use of lodging, transportation and other services related to tourism that facilitate contact with children and adolescents and allow the perpetrator to maintain a discreet presence among other people and the environment that surrounds him.

Victim/s: girls, boys and adolescents

Perpetrator/s: Person who has sexual relations or performs acts of sexual content with minors in a situation of sexual exploitation, as well as those who collaborate or provide the conditions for this fact to materialize.

Sexual relations in exchange for money or other favors: Perhaps it is the best known form of sexual exploitation, it consists ofthe use of a child in sexual activities in exchange for remuneration or any other form of retribution” (ONU, 2000). where the use of minors under 18 years of age in the sex trade is associated.

Use of NNA in pornography: It includes both the production and the distribution, commercialization, possession, disclosure, exchange and storage ofany representation, by any means of communication, of a boy or girl under 18 years of age, or with the appearance of boy or girl, engaged in actual or simulated sexual activity, explicitly or suggested, for any purpose”.

Sex tourism: It is the use of a boy or girl in sexual activities by people who travel from their country or city of origin to another or another. It occurs in the context of tourism, therefore, it predominates in places whose economy depends on this sector. Many of the sex tourists take advantage of their status as anonymous beings (nobody knows them and they stay for a short time), of the lack of control by the authorities given the difficulty in determining which tourists arrive with the intention of exploiting boys or girls, and of the permissiveness of some social groups (taxi drivers, hotel managers, etc.) of the cities they visit.

Trafficking of children for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation: Trafficking in persons is understood as the “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or reception of persons for the purpose of exploitation, by means of threats or the use of force, or other forms of coercion, kidnapping, fraud, deception, abuse of power or position of vulnerability, or the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another.

The consequences
For children and adolescents (NNA):

Contagion of sexually transmitted infections.
early pregnancies
Health problems caused by mistreatment, hunger and cold.
Problems that disrupt their identity, self-esteem and their ability to relate to the world.
For the tourist destination:

It loses market position, reduces its occupancy rate and generates unemployment.
It affects the security of tourist destinations and links tourism with serious crimes such as murder, drug trafficking and the violation of the rights of people.
Tourism entrepreneurs and those who facilitate the crime face sanctions of up to life imprisonment, as well as the closure of the premises.

Why deal with the NNA demand?
The demand is made up of all those people who are the so-called users of child exploitation networks. In this sense, they are the ones that promote the continued existence of children and adolescents who are victims of this problem. If the demand did not exist, the supply would be eradicated, that is, NNA.

The MINCETUR deals with the problem of NNA, because in this crime there are bad tourism agents who actively intervene and therefore, despite the regulations that sanction this activity, in different parts of the country tourism servers intervene in the problem. Además, given that in many cases national or foreign tourists are the people who make up the users of the exploitation networks in Peru, for this reason the State plays a role of prevention, persecution and rehabilitation of victims, all with the aim of eradicating this crime and guarantee the protection of children and adolescents.